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POS on all devices - Multiple payment methods - Mobile Payments

April 26, 20242 min read

We're thrilled to announce our latest update to Payments on Mobile - the ability to accept payments using Cash, Cards on File, and Manual Entry for your mobile Point-of-Sale! Subaccount admin and users can now record payments for a POS transaction on Mobile using either Tap to Pay, Cash, Cards on File, Cheque, Bank Transfer, and more!


What's New

  1. Cards on File for POS

    : Accept POS payments using credit/debit cards. Everytime a payment is accepted with a new card for a particular contact, that card gets saved automatically for future use, making it super convenient for repeat customers!

  2. Cash Payments on POS

    : POS can now record cash payments, displaying the exact change that needs to be tendered for each transaction.

  3. Manual Entry on POS

    : If a payment has been accepted via Cheque or Bank Transfer, an entry can be recorded for that particular POS transaction.


How It Works

  1. Open the mobile app with your preferred subaccount selected.

  2. Head over to the POS tab from the bottom bar and initiate a new transaction using your Product Catalog/Keypad.

  3. Link a contact to the transaction and review all the details of the transaction. Once you're good to go, tap on "Choose Payment Instrument".

  4. Select your preferred payment method.

  5. Enter the tip amount.

  6. Accept payment via your chosen payment method!


: If you choose to accept payment via a saved card, make sure you link the relevant contact on the Review Payment screen. If the transaction does not have a linked contact, no saved cards will show up.


Why it Matters

This update finally removes the restriction of POS running on devices with NFC support only. Now, the HighLevel Point-of-Sale will work on every device (including iPads and tablets) that have the highlevel/leadconnector/whitelablled app installed. Happy transacting!

📝 Tap to Pay and Cards on File are supported for Stripe Provider only as of now.

🚀 Available from v3.71 or later on HighLevel, LeadConnector. For WhiteLabel, request an update.

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