Client Portal - Updates

Client Portal - Updates

January 18, 20242 min read

Enhancements -

Optional Password and Set Password:

Set your own password: You now have the choice to set a password—it's optional, providing you the freedom

Easy Setup:

For those setting a password for the first time, we've added a simple flow to make the process a breeze.

Reset Password Issue:

Fixed and Functional

: We've tackled the pesky issue some users were facing with password resets. Now, the password reset flow works like a charm.

Multiple User Screen Enhancement:

Last Logged-In User on Top:

Find the user who was last logged in at the top, making it easier to pick up where you left off.

Personal Touch:

Avatars and Full Names have been added to the multiple user display, making it look more friendly and personal.

Google Sign On Support:

Sign Up with Google: Now, you can sign in and sign up effortlessly using your Google account. It's quick and convenient.

Login Fixes

  • Smart Sign-Ups:

    New sign-ups won't create new contacts; they'll use existing ones to avoid clutter.

  • No More Duplicates:

    Email invites for communities won't create extra contacts. We've put a stop to that.

  • Ongoing Fix:

    We're aware of user creation triggers from workflows and smart lists causing duplicate contacts. Don't worry; we're working on fixing that soon.

  • Firebase Integration with Common Components:

  • More Possibilities:

    We've integrated with Firebase, opening up opportunities to integrate notifications into other apps and offering a smoother mobile native profile experience.

Bug Fixes:

  • Client Portal Logo Fix:

    The default logo no longer disrupts the Sign-Up screen appearance, and it will only be visible on the Login screen after upload.

  • 404 Error:

    Non-logged-in users will now be seamlessly redirected to the login page or respective child apps, addressing the previous issue of being stuck on /404.

  • Syncing Contacts Name & Client Portal Name:

    Previously, changes made to the username in the client portal were not being reflected in contacts. This has now been resolved

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